Goodpack has successfully developed transportation and storage solutions for some of the world’s most challenging industries including rubber, aseptic food and all types of liquids. Today, Goodpack is actively developing solutions for industries that demand lower costs, efficient disposal processes, improved vessel and storage utilization and advanced asset management processes. Our efficient containers and global supply chain solutions can be leveraged in multiple specialty industries and Goodpack’s global customers drive our industry innovations.

For example, Goodpack is playing a foundational support role in transitioning the component parts industry from using wood and corrugated containers to our more efficient galvanized steel containers. Aside from being more robust and environmentally sustainable, the costs and convenience associated with Goodpack’s Rental/Lease process offer dramatic savings in time, space and resources.

In another initiative, Goodpack and CEVA Logistics are collaborating on developing strategies and services for the efficient transportation and storage of tires across Asia, North America and Australia. By simplifying the complicated movements characterized by short order-to-delivery cycles, Goodpack/CEVA team are delivering measurable value to the global tire industry.

The strength of Goodpack’s containers, coupled with a range of specially designed liquid liners, and Goodpack’s ability to trace shipments via RFID tagging and tracking can also directly support the transport and storage of chemicals. The easy and safe disposal of the liquid liner is much less complicated than disposal of drums or typical corrugated totes. Companies involved in moving chemicals around the world are driven by regulations to ensure safety is a priority. Goodpack containers integrate numerous features that address this sensitive market.

Goodpack is dedicated to delivering our shared vision of a comprehensive solution which creates value and increases efficiencies.

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